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If you have any artists or bands we should listen to leave them in our ask :)
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Sea Oleena · Sleeplessness
82 Plays

Sea Oleena-Milk

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The Neighbourhood
524 Plays

The Neighbourhood-Honest

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300 Plays

Grouplove-Spiderhead (Cover)

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Let Her Know
July Talk · July Talk
166 Plays

July Talk-Let Her Know

Anonymous asked: Shameless plug of a band; mew, indie roc if you have 50 minutes to spare listen to and the glass handed kites

okay I’ve got an essay to write but as soon as I’m done I’ll give them a listen, thanks for the suggestion :)

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Shake, Shake, Shake
Bronze Radio Return · Shake!Shake!Shake!
170 Plays

Bronze Radio Return-Shake, Shake, Shake

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Foster the People · Supermodel
676 Plays

Foster the People-Nevermind

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The Walkmen · Heaven
278 Plays

The Walkmen-Heaven

Anonymous asked: did you watch the himym finale? 'heaven' by the walkmen is the last song in it, and it's pretty solid!

Oh my god the finale made me so angry but wow I was actually wondering what the song was at the end so thank you anon :)

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Sun Shy
352 Plays

Dresses-Sun Shy