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Never Wanna Know

by MØ

►played 84 times

MØ//Never Wanna Know

Oct 19th (+14)


by The National

►played 124 times

The National//Demons

Oct 18th (+20)

Lost In The Light

by Bahamas

►played 138 times

Bahamas//Lost In The Light
song recommended by morgza

Oct 18th (+18)
haileylee103: what happened to Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift??

I think I heard it the day it came out because tumblr was going crazy, it’s actually not too bad :)

Oct 18th (+1)

Everything She Wants

by Saint Raymond

►played 468 times

Saint Raymond//Everything She Wants

Oct 13th (+53)

Fear Of My Identity

by Best Coast

►played 186 times

Best Coast//Fear Of My Identity

Oct 12th (+22)

Think Too Much, Feel Too Little


►played 354 times

JAWS//Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

Oct 12th (+32)
Anonymous: JAWS - think too much, feel too little

coming up :)

Oct 12th (+0)

Nowhere/Bloodlines pt. 1

by Sir Sly

►played 800 times

Sir Sly//Nowhere/Bloodlines pt. 1

Oct 11th (+92)
Anonymous: "Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. 1" by Sir Sly please?

I loooooove Sir Sly

Oct 11th (+0)